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About One of a Kind Fairies

How We Got Here

We are a small livestock retirement/rescue farm; located east of the Blue Ridge in Whitehall, VA. Our 25 plus, dogs and feathers keep us happy and entertained; they provide replenishment from a stressful day at work, a meditative state while composting poop and then there is the occasional challenge – such as to get them sheared on a sunny day or to make sure the bears move on to the neighbors…We try to be 100% recycled, re-used, up-used, composted and no waste. We are surrounded by 72 acres of wilderness. It's a daily reminder that nature is precious, fierce and unforgiving to abuse. We are very lucky that these 72 acres around our 5 acre farm have recently been bought by anonymous and will be put into conservation to protect the land. How lucky to be able to live in the midst of a smile within a much challenged world. My husband is a painter and I work in Mental Health. We have raised some of our children on the farm. I have been going to Fiber and Wool fairs for many years, mainly in VA.  I’m known as the “Fairy Lady”. People know me from coming to my tent at Montpellier FFF, SVFF in Berryville, Powhatan and other events. I love to be creative and crafty. Every once in a while I come up with a great idea – most importantly our farm logo: FROM THE FARM FOR THE FARM. Everything I earn at the fairs I put into feed and care for the animals. That income ensures continuation of care for the ‘lovies’. This spring with Covid and the cancellation of all the fairs, we decided to go online-hence the idea to create a website. Now, as I conduct “business” in a very unusual way, those of you who know me are familiar with: Everything I make is “One of a Kind”; not perfect or ‘professional’, but all made by hand, with Love, good energy and purpose. Most important, all items are absolutely affordable and ready to find homes. If you are interested in one or the other please contact me per e-mail. Stay safe in this brave new world and look us up in the fairy tent… once we can move around again.

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